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Our quantification platform analyses your company’s cyber risk and translates it into understandable financial metrics that you can act on.

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Act with confidence

We bring together Cyber Threat Intelligence and risk quantification into a single platform. It provides a dynamic view of your potential threats, and simulates a variety of scenarios to model the financial impact of each, enabling you to better plan and prepare.

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Turn knowledge into action

Powered by our constantly evolving Cyber Threat Intelligence, our platform gives an accurate and dynamic view of how your own threat landscape develops over time.

Our patented AI models simulate threat actors’ behaviour against your current defence maturity. That helps us accurately assess your vulnerabilities and recommend truly effective investments to reduce your risk.

Our expertise with the FAIR methodology enables us to integrate data from a variety of sources and turn them into actionable metrics that resonate with management teams. So, together, you can make more enlightened security & insurance investments.



Everything in one place

A one-stop shop for everything related to your cyber risk: data, insights and metrics


Simple to simulate

A simple way to simulate a variety of scenarios for a 360° view on your current risk 


Financial metrics

A full suite of financial metrics to help you build an evidence-based appraisal of your cyber risk

KEY Use Cases


Bespoke threat analysis

Build your security programme based on your bespoke threat analysis


Judge effectiveness

Manage your investments by judging their effectiveness at reducing your risk 


Model your policies

Include risk sharing in your strategy by modelling your insurance policies 


Stay informed

Keep up-to-date with insights at all times with our Cyber Threat Intelligence suite



Impartial analysis

An objective evaluation of impact based on combining Cyber Threat Intelligence with Bayesian modelling


Precise risk calculation

A precise calculation of the value at risk, developed from Monte Carlo simulations


Dynamic insights

Real-time cyber exposure insights as your threat landscape evolves


360° financial view

A financial view of your investments and plans for mitigating risk 

KEY Use Cases


Show security impact

Promote your security roadmap by demonstrating its benefits


Build your risk strategy

Get the insights you need to build a strong risk-sharing strategy


Optimise policy terms

Renew your insurance policies under the best possible conditions 

Real world risk.
Real time response.

The world is constantly changing, and that means the threats you face are too.

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