Dare to know.
Be ready to act.

Our cyber risk quantification platform enables Enterprises and Insurers to make more enlightened decisions about the risks they face.

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What we do

A new way to live with cyber risk


Assess financial impact

Our advanced technology assesses the likelihood and financial impact of the cyber threats you face, in a simple and dynamic way.


Provide bespoke recommendations

Then, we make this knowledge actionable by automatically generating tailored security and insurance recommendations, and simulating their return on investment.

Sapere aude - Osez savoir - Dare to know – 

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  • Allianz
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  • Ministère des armées
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Unifying the cyber & insurance communities

Enterprises and Insurers can’t confidently share cyber risk without a common language and understanding. We are the link between the cyber and insurance communities, acting as a trusted third-party to enable more enlightened decision-making.


Predict impact, prioritise investment, and make smarter decisions on cyber risk.

Delivering value to

  • CISOs
  • Risk Managers
  • Insurance Managers
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Understand and quantify cyber risk for your portfolio and prospects.

Delivering value to

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Brokers
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Client testimonials

Citalid's commitment and expertise enabled us to obtain accurate results very quickly... Furthermore, Citalid’s solution helped us manage our investments roadmap with greater efficacy, and permitted us to showcase a new quantitative approach of our cyber risks to insurers.

We can make connections between risk management & the insurance world to dynamically connect planned security actions to annual negotiations of our risk coverages and premiums.

Citalid in numbers


Average reduction of financial exposure


# of risk scenarios dynamically modelled and quantified


annual increase in defensive maturity through investment roadmap


# of threat actors monitored in real-time by our threat intelligence team

Our Product

Bringing Technology and People together

Citalid’s platform acts as your one-stop shop for cyber risk insights. Our technology combines our expert, constantly evolving knowledge of global cyber threats, with the advanced technical capabilities of AI.

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Arm yourself with knowledge

When it comes to managing cyber risk, knowledge is your best defence. Make sure you’re always up to date, with the latest cyber, insurance, and geopolitical news sent straight to your inbox.