Your time and money matter most

The Citalid platform combines threat and business intelligence to identify the risks scenarios you face and dynamically quantify:

  • Your financial exposure to cyber risk
  • The best strategy to mitigate it, balancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Our ROI-based tool allows you to optimize your budget and focus on your core business, while enhancing your decision-making process through advanced real-time computations, state-of-the-art analytics and strategic dashboards.

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Cyber-Risk should be tackled like any other business risk

Cyber risk is just another business risk after all. As decision-makers, you need to accept, mitigate or transfer it based on contextualized and objective metrics. Our technology leverages structured and actionable intelligence to enlighten your strategic decisions.

We help you decide

Your risk profile is unique

Unsophisticated attacks may lead to high impacts on increasingly complex operating environments. Whether we talk about basic criminal threats or state-sponsored APTs, Risk Management should be tailored to your context and business goals.

So should your strategy

Traditional risk management fails to provide a clear picture of where your organization stands within its ever-changing threat landscape. Citalid masters threat frequencies and impacts, thus dynamically assessing your risk exposure in the most accurate way.

Improve and monitor your risk profile through cyber threat anticipation

Whether you are a company with a portfolio of business lines or an insurer with a portfolio of insured companies, Citalid weighs the risk of each component and aggregates it to provide you with the quantified risk exposure of the whole portfolio. Investment recommendations and a prioritization of security efforts are generated accordingly.

Risk aversion and decision are up to you


They trust us

Thierry Auger

CISO Lagardère
"It is vital to move from a static model to a much more dynamic analysis. Citalid's risk analysis solution provides us with an approach that will enrich our analysis of defensive maturity. In particular, Citalid injects the geopolitical context of each country and the risk analysis takes this element directly into account. This information is extremely valuable and saves us a lot of time in terms of reaction time. Finally, we need to establish a link between risk management and the world of insurance and create a dynamic between the actions that are going to be carried out and the annual readjustment of the coverage and the related deductibles and premiums. "

Our partners

Gerome Billois

Partner, Wavestone
"Quantifying risks is the key to making cyber investments and convincing your executive committee. Citalid has an effective solution because it addresses the problem in its entirety, with the threats, the level of resistance, and the financial impacts. The ability to directly integrate the results of Wavestone's cyber benchmark also saves time and makes it easier to solidify the risk quantification."

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Cyber risk is everywhere.

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