Combining technology and expertise

We believe in AI-augmented human decisions. Our platform employs the best of both worlds, Artificial Intelligence and human expertise, to help enlighten your cyber investment decisions.

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Citalid’s CTI provides constantly evolving insight into different cyber threats’ offensive capabilities, so we can accurately predict the frequency of attacks and your level of vulnerability.


Constant monitoring

Ongoing monitoring and investigation by CTI experts


Personalised findings

Contextualised and personalised status reports on the cyber threats you may face


Prioritised suggestions

Prioritised recommendations for improving the security maturity of your business


Specialist knowledge

Actionable and accurate data that enables us to provide state-of-the art knowledge of global cyber threats

We believe that risk quantification exists specifically to support business decisions. We made the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) framework quick and easy to employ through dynamic data and expert models.


Automatic estimation

Automatic estimates for all FAIR parameters based on contextual inputs


Financial Impact

Results are focussed on financial impact and ROI, helping them resonate with the C-Suite


Probability simulations

Probability is managed through Monte Carlo simulations

For any given risk scenario, we automatically estimate the number of attacks that might target your company in the coming year.


Strategy information

Strategic & tactical information about the active attackers in the field


Compare attackers

Automatic comparison of who attackers target in the sector


Assess attack frequency

Assesses the frequency of attacks based on attackers’ operational capacity

Our algorithm simulates tens – sometimes hundreds – of thousands of attacks and generates security recommendations, scaling what a real RedTeam would do.


1,000+ Simulations

Thousands of simulations for any given risk scenario


Attack vs. defence

Simulated attack vs. defence confrontations


Patented approach

Patented simulation of attackers spreading within your business assets that causes losses along the way

Our Artificial Intelligence uses a Bayesian approach that leverages historical data and business expertise to automatically estimate the financial impact of cyber attacks.


Shared hypotheses

Our algorithm shares the set of hypotheses used


Universally applicable

Every loss type – whether operational, reputational, or legal – can be traced back to the customisable hypothesis


Calibrate the model

Our Bayesian approach can be fine tuned to learn from your own data or expertise

With you at every step, so you can make the right decisions


Expert knowledge

A team of experts in cyber risk and cyber insurance


Ongoing assistance

Ongoing assistance with the use of our platform


Transformative approach

A catalyst for automation and autonomy in risk management


Advocacy support

Support to help advocate for cyber risk management at the hightest level

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Arm yourself with knowledge

When it comes to managing cyber risk, knowledge is your best defence. Make sure you’re always up to date, with the latest cyber, insurance, and geopolitical news sent straight to your inbox.