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We believe in a world where people can finally live confidently with cyber risk. And we’re proud to take an active role in leading the broader cyber and insurance communities there.


What we do

Pioneering a new way to live with cyber risk

Citalid has its roots in ANSSI – the French cyber defence agency – where Alexandre and Maxime worked together as Cyber Threat Intelligence experts.

Their respective roles there gave them the opportunity to see firsthand the men and women on the frontline fighting cyber risk inside their organisations.

Alexandre and Maxime came up with an idea to support these individuals operating in fearful environments, by building a technological bridge between Cyber Threat Intelligence and finance to support their decision-making process.

And so Citalid was born.

Citalid has always been about finding a new way for people to live confidently with cyber risk. About putting the power of probability and collective intelligence at the service of the often-overlooked champions of cybersecurity.

Beyond all the technology, this is a team motivated by a broader ambition of truly making a difference by giving others the power to act

Citalid Morning

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  • Prix Innovation Les Assises de la sécurité 2018
  • FIC STARTUP 2020
  • Prix Startup FIC 2020
  • PWC
  • Accélérateur Allianz
  • Grand Défi Cyber

Leadership Team

Maxime Cartan
Maxime Cartan

Co-founder and CEO

Alexandre Dieulangard
Alexandre Dieulangard

Co-founder and COO

Olivier Hamon
Olivier Hamon


Julien Chamonal
Julien Chamonal


Marie Giesbert
Marie Giesbert


Clément Tallec


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Citalid is a company where a diverse range of talents are all welcome, and a team driven by integrity, excellence, and curiosity.


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