‘Defense Profile’: A Citalid interface to transform security data into actionable roadmaps.

Juliette Barrat & Jeanne Sicard, 23 February 2024

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Interface Defense Profile is new on the platform

Citalid’s Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) platform has recently been enhanced with a new version of its ‘Defense Profile‘ interface. This enhancement to the platform aims to provide our customers with more actionable information about their security data – without requiring additional input – while making it easier to visualise for reporting purposes.

Citalid’s mission is to enable companies to:

  • Optimise the management of their cybersecurity roadmap and related investments,
  • Make informed decisions at a granular level,
  • Facilitate reporting processes by generating actionable dashboards and key indicators.


The Citalid platform considers both internal factors (defensive maturity) and external factors (the state of the cyber threat) to provide a contextual and reliable view of cyber risk. The revision of the “defense profile” is a new feature that takes internal factors into account.

‘Defense Profile’ interface: view and manage your cybersecurity projects to improve your defence maturity level.


The ‘Defense Profile’ interface is based on input data linked to the Security Framework or the result of a recent security audit.  The ‘Defense Profile’ interface then generates dashboards that allow you to view the defence maturity of your information system at a granular level, thanks to a filtering system.


Interface of Defense Profile


To give you a better understanding of the state of the defence profile, certain values are expressed in the form of a ‘score‘ to show how much progress has been made, but also to highlight areas where improvement is desirable. New concepts such as ‘Target Maturity’ and ‘Security Solution Impact’ have been introduced to the interface so that you can fully monitor the evolution of your organisation’s defence maturity.

This interface is a management and decision-making tool to help you reduce cyber risk.

For example, with a clearer picture of their organisation’s current maturity, our customers can:

  • Manage cyber projects already planned and their impact on risk reduction.
  • Selecting new investments/projects in the field of cyber security, using Citalid’s recommendations.


Managing your cybersecurity strategy: a dynamic, iterative process

This new interface for the Citalid platform helps you orchestrate your efforts to achieve the desired level of defence maturity. It allows you to visualise different levels of maturity:

  • Initial Maturity: The maturity level declared when the defence profile is first initialised.
  • Current Maturity: Maturity level as it is today.
  • Planned Maturity: Maturity level as it will be when all projects in the roadmap are implemented.
  • Target Maturity: The final maturity level when all projects have been implemented (including those not yet planned).


Is this interface a planning tool?


‘Defense Profile’ is more of a decision support tool. Our interface provides a summary table of all the information relating to perimeter (and sub-perimeter) requirements to create the security programme that best suits each organisation’s context. The Risk Management section is designed to help you start planning your requirements.

This better understanding of one’s own defensive maturity is therefore a critical element in making collaborative, informed decisions to implement relevant security projects for maximum impact.

This interface complements the Risk Management functionality, a tool for prioritising and planning security solutions.

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