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Citalid’s platform seamlessly collects, enriches and correlates curated cyber, geopolitical and business information from trustful sources to help you make informed risk management decisions.

Use Cases


Design and plan ahead your cyber investment program with a unique platform to better deliver your organization’s strategic priorities.

Your job is to protect your organization by prioritizing and managing cybersecurity initiatives. However, dealing with siloed security stakeholders and scarce budgets may cause headaches in the absence of a thorough overview.

Therefore, you ought to have a forward-looking risk visibility and be able to compute and simulate the resulting optimal level of security for your organization.

> Benefit from an unparalleled cyber risk modeling tool able to boost the ROI of your cyber security initiatives

> Prioritize and plan your cyber investment program as threat landscapes and business contexts change

> Visualize and quantify the financial exposure of your organization

> Discover what are the most appropriate security solutions & insurance policies, and simulate their ROI to enhance your resource allocation

Risk & Insurance Manager

A single tool so you may quantify your organization’s financial exposure to cyber risk, get posture ratings and peer benchmarks, and monitor risk reduction.

Your job is to make sure every risk is identified, assessed and monitored so that the risk exposure of your organization is minimized. Therefore, you need to understand the most relevant threats and assess the related risks. Your goal is to be able to adequately allocate resources and drive actions according to the chosen acceptance, reduction or transfer strategy for each risk scenario.

Facing a myriad of business assets to secure, you are asked to report to executive committees with synthetic and actionable dashboards.

> Benefit from an unparalleled cyber risk modeling tool able to automatically generate the dashboards you need in coordination with CISOs and technical teams

> Identity the most impacting cyber risks, determine the critical assets to secure and make the optimal decision between risk reduction and hedging through cyber insurance

> Visualize and quantify the financial exposure of your organization

> Effectively share and report actionable intelligence with your C-Suite on how risk exposure is endangering business lines

> Enhance collaboration across security and business-related departments and showcase progress in risk management

Insurer, reinsurer & broker

A unified software solution to meet the needs of the whole cyber insurance market and bring value across multiple dimensions.

As insurer or reinsurer, your job is to make sure the products you are responsible for fit the market needs and are economically viable. You also have to quantify your exposure to the risks you insure and respect specific ratios and guidelines. Cyber risk quantification is already required by some insurance regulators and is to be required by most.

As broker, your job is to give the right advice to your clients and to help them find the right insurance product with the right policy for the right premium.

> Quantify and manage your financial exposure to cyber risk by computing your customers’ ones and aggregating it at the portfolio level

> Compute the optimal premium by customer for a given insurance product, based on the portfolio’s overall financial exposure, your initial capital and the target probability of ruin

> Rate insurance products’ efficiency for each and every organization based on its business contexts and the risk scenarios at stake, and simulate their ROI

> Create disrupting insurance products with dynamic premiums reflecting a customer’s efforts to raise its maturity

> Stress-test your portfolio, identify pooling defaults and simulate systemic risk

CTI analyst, red team & CERT

Access enriched and structured Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to help you better value and contextualize your work.

You frequently have either to handle uncontextualized floods of security alerts, or mimic offensive modus operandi. In both cases, prioritizing them happens to be a tough task. You ought to be kept informed about existing and emerging threats, and their potential business impact for your organization or client.

> Benefit from complementary cyber and business intelligence helpful to prioritize and enrich your threat investigations / huntings and pentests

> Access pre-filtered and comprehensive technical data about threat groups and their attack techniques (Kill Chains)

> Value your work in terms of ROI and losses potentially avoided

> Add a layer of contextualization to your reports

> Help increase the security awareness of organizations

Audit, Compliance & Regulatory

Thanks to our integrated platform, reap the benefits of centralized security assessments over several bulletproof frameworks.

Your job is to make sure your organization is run under the highest regulatory standards and monitor progresses through dynamic indicators. You ought to choose the best assessment framework for each business and technical context, and regularly control each perimeter’s alignment to it.

> Benefit from several bulletproofs frameworks mapped to one another in a single tool and dynamically linked to security solutions and risk assessment

> Conduct your regulatory reviews and communicate your organization’s overall compliance posture

> Check if security policies are actually being implemented and applied as directed and reveal compliance gaps

> Strengthen and standardize compliance practices, procedures & quality management

> Identify security overlaps to make the right trade-offs

Business Manager, CFO & CDO

Ensure the business continuity of your activity and lay the foundation for business-oriented impact analysis.

Your job is to ensure the planning and business continuity for the activities you are liable for. Therefore, you first need to know and outline which business assets are the most critical to keep the business going.

> Benefit from an unparalleled cyber risk modeling tool able to give you a fine grasp of the potential impacts on your activities

> Input your critical asset inventory, gauge operational risk scenarios as well as the relevance of security measures applied to you

> Determine which assets are most likely to be targeted and fine-tune the potential economic impact to the whole organization

> Effectively promote cyber risk awareness across your department

> Simulate and plan ahead the impact of an additional business activity or geographical location on your organization’s risk exposure

Built to fit your business and your risk management needs

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Citalid’s modus operandi


Assess your cybersecurity maturity level


Identify the most relevant threats and risk scenarios


Quantify your financial exposure and minimize it

You need risk management that scales

Choose the right granularity for each risk analysis and compute the aggregated risk

Experiment advanced cyber risk management through a software solution designed to scale and meet the needs of major organizations. As your maturity increases, you will need more complex and granular risk analysis. The use of Citalid’s tool will remain intuitive and allow for the aggregation of as many risk analysis and perimeters as you deem appropriate.

Cutting-edge cyber risk management pays off


Instant insights and visibility on your risks for an immediate return on investment (ROI)


High payoff and qualified recommendations to streamline the cost of your cybersecurity arsenal


Flexibly in deployment modes from cost-effective SaaS provisioning to on-premises installation


Cross-discipline shared knowledge liaising CISOs, Risk Managers, technical teams and business stakeholders


Intuitive visualizations, comparisons and navigations through threats and risk scenarios for each business line and geographical location


Creation, setup and customization of risk scenarios according to your level of maturity