A single united cyber-risk


management platform

Master the ins and outs of advanced risk management

Thanks to insight-driven and data-backed probabilities, Citalid offers a clear path forward to build your cyber stack and optimize your cyber investment program. Citalid stands apart by simulating your cybersecurity spendings and their ROI, allowing you to get the best of your arsenal. With Citalid, you shall do more with less.

Key Benefits

360° risk visualization

Get access to the big picture through both strategic and technical dashboards

Decision-makers need to get a quantitative overview of the aggregated cyber risk of their organizations at a glance, monitor its evolution and assess the ROI of their security expenditures. Technical profiles on the field need to fuel the decision-makers with their knowledge so that the decisions make sense at all levels and are perfectly understood and applied. Citalid offers clear dashboards tailored to each and every profile.

Tailored risk management posture

Quantify your risk exposure to better choose your fights and strategies

Cyber risks are too wide to cover it all by yourself. You need to choose your fights and arbitrate between the risk scenarios you will accept in view of their low economic impact, mitigate through defensive investments or transfer to an insurer. Citalid is able to guide your choice through sound risk quantification and transparent simulations.

Cyber investments prioritization

Prioritize your defensive actions towards the most relevant threats

Leveraging actionable risk quantification metrics, Citalid helps you identify, prioritize and plan ahead appropriate security expenditures to cover the most critical risks faced by your business assets.

Vendor management optimization

Optimize your portfolio of security solutions & insurance policies by making the right trade-offs

By simulating financial exposure to cyber risk across your entire organization, our software highlights the most efficient security solutions & insurance policies, and detects potential overlaps or weaker ROIs. Such mapping of your security solutions & insurance policies makes your job of dealing with vendors a whole lot easier and saves your budget for the absolute imperatives.

Cyber governance normalization

Embed cyber risk management
across the organization

Run your security policy across your business lines through a uniform taxonomy and powerful method. Common frameworks and actionable data in one centralized platform ensure effective reporting, informative benchmarks and dynamic simulations across your activities and assets. Our tool is indeed able to rate your organization and benchmark it with its peers, taking into account not only its defensive maturity but also both its threat landscape and the relevance of its risk management strategy.

Streamlining of security initiatives

Better coordinate your efforts
to strengthen your cyber program

By breaking down barriers and connecting knowledge from often siloed stakeholders (security ops, threat intel, risk management, audit, compliance and financial services, …) pursuing common objectives, Citalid unlock your collective intelligence to strengthen and make the best of each and every initiative.


The GPS of cyber risk

Citalid will determine your initial position by comparing your defensive posture with your own threat landscape. All you have to do is decide your target destination depending on your risk appetite and budgets. Our algorithms shall then compute the most efficient and cost-effective investment path to go from your initial position to your destination. Any new traffic jam (e.g. a new relevant threat) on the road, or any change in your position (e.g. the implementation of a new security solution) automatically triggers new simulations and updates your investment path.

Know Yourself

Instantly view your current cyber risk profile per business line and make the right decisions.

> Defensive level assessment using bulletproof frameworks (CIS20, NIST CSF, ISO27k)

> Advanced modeling of security solutions & insurance policies, and automatic mapping of their effect on your risk profile

> Cockpit view of your maturity level with different aggregation levels

> Recommendations of defensive level thresholds tailored to your context and dynamic projections

> Integrated library of operational risk scenarios with both likelihood and financial impact models pre-configured

Know Your Enemy

Anticipate attack’s techniques of threats most likely to target you to make them ineffective

> Dynamically updated threat knowledge base through advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence analysis

> Automatic shortlisting of relevant threats based on their geographical and business interests

> Technical modus operandi modeling along the cyber kill chain

> Automatic mapping of appropriate countermeasures per threats and risk scenario

> Statistical adjustments of frequencies and losses based on previously capitalized attacks

Risk Quantification

Let our advanced mathematical models automatically quantify your financial exposure to cyber risk

> Aggregated risk exposure and degree of vulnerability per scenario

> Advanced risk management metrics like Value at Risk, losses per successful attack, annualized probabilities of loss, etc.

> Distribution of primary and secondary losses by type: productivity, response, replacement, reputation, competitive advantage, legal procedures

> Holistic and comparative oversight across business lines and assets

Invest simulation

Add or withdraw security solutions & insurance policies to simulate in real-time the impact on your defensive level

> “What if” defensive simulations, comparisons of financial exposure before and after changes in security arsenal to assess their ROI

> Optimization of cybersecurity roadmap based on both efficiency and cost-effectiveness

> Identification of potential overlaps in security solutions & insurance policies to make the best trade-offs

Complete visibility over each perimeter

Systemic scope of supervision for unprecedented risk management capabilities

We have designed an action-oriented platform to help your organization thoroughly address the most impacting threats it faces. Get a clear and readable picture of your cybersecurity standing by business unit, location or asset, and the resulting aggregated big picture.