You may already monitor risk

Citalid helps you do it better

We have made cyber risk management actionable once and for all…

… and the good news is that you already have enough data to quickly deploy our tool! Based on a structured and systemic approach, Citalid makes the best of your existing risk management processes, intelligence feeds, internal initiatives, GRC and already deployed security components.

Shaking up conventional cyber risk management

Bridging the gap between threat intelligence & risk management.

Despite being a huge business concern, cyber risk is seldom measured along the same standards as other risks. Citalid empowers boards and decision-makers with the ability to deal with it in a language they are used to.

Going beyond technical analysis, Citalid reimagines risk management by bringing thorough and comprehensive risk intelligence for you to cope with your ever-changing threat landscape and shifting business environment.

Align risk management with business objectives

Thanks to Citalid’s unique risk quantification approach, cyber risk is just another business decision that goes way beyond subjective perceptions and “cyber fashion”. Because risk management does not have to be a daunting rocket-science.

Because your business requires excellency

Leverage unprecedented  multi-dimensional data.

We have recast risk management to turn technical insights into business value

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Geopolitical data

Financial Modelings

By collecting and analyzing massive volumes of data from various sources inside and outside your organization, Citalid’s algorithms deliver comprehensive risk metrics to empower your overall governance and highlight your top priorities. Based on innovative stochastic computations of frequencies and impacts, Citalid methodology achieves risk quantifications combining accuracy, objectivity and transparency. Just what you needed.

Unveil unique data to determine effective course of action.

By applying automated semantic models across massive volumes of data, Citalid brings risk management to a whole new level.
Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning proprietary algorithms, our multilingual semantic engine captures and cross-references multi-dimensional intel to contextualize the risk.

Threat Profiling

Attack Types

Threat Actors

Attack Patterns




Battle Rhythms

Contextual Intel

Economic Information

Geopolitical Balances

Business News


Built on the highest assessment standards

Leveraging the CIS 20 framework, our defensive maturity model ensures systematic, consistent, dynamic and thorough assessment to meet the most demanding and challenging industries. If you have other assessments already available, do not worry: our platform is also compatible with several other frameworks such as NIST CSF or ISO 27k.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a U.S.-based non-profit organization that develops standards and tools for cyber defense based on a global computing community. Citalid, a partner of SANS, uses the CIS Controls standard and recognised best practices in cybersecurity to secure information systems against the most widespread computer attacks. These measures, which have been widely tested, are continuously refined and verified by a community of experienced professionals.

Our assessment is compatible with related evaluation frameworks (NIST, ISO, etc.)

Making the best  of OpenFAIR risk analysis framework

Citalid has designed its methodology upon the OpenFAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) standard, which granularly decomposes cyber risk along a frequency-impact model.

This analysis framework enables executives and ops to deal with cybersecurity in terms that risk management peers understand. By adapting and connecting OpenFAIR to our own intel sources, Citalid enhances risk quantification and unveils the power of dynamic ROI simulations.